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Smart Handheld Terminals in Exhibition Management

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Guangzhou ZhanYiXing Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., a leading exhibition service provider in China, has successfully served several large-scale exhibitions and trade fairs this year. According to their feedback, MG5000 smart handheld terminals, which are highly reliable and powerful, have played an important role in their exhibition management services.
With the continuous development of modern economy, exhibitions and trade fairs have become important occasions where companies engage and communicate with their customers. However, the event organizers are required to make use of advanced modern technologies (e.g. big data) to provide effective management services. Relying on their technological advantages, they must provide value-added services for their customers in order to survive in the fierce competition. Therefore, they have an increasing need for smart handheld terminals that offer powerful features, such as 4G network, RFID and barcode scanning, to help them efficiently implement ticket management, access control, and visitor information collection.

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Smart handheld terminals are widely used in exhibition management.
1. For event organizers, these smart terminals can be used for access control, especially for verifying the identity of exhibitors and visitors.
2. For exhibitors, these smart terminals can be used for collecting the visitor information.
System Components
1. The exhibitor and visitor identity information system
a. The exhibitors and visitors are required to register online or send back the filled invitations. The information gathered is stored in the identity information system.
b. The casual visitors are registered by the personnel at the reception desk on the site on the day of the exhibition.
2. The exhibitor and visitor admission badges with QR codes or RF tags
a. The identity information of exhibitors and visitors pre-registered in the system is written into the admission badges with QR codes or RF tags. The admission badges are provided to the registered exhibitors and visitors.
b. The casual visitors who are registered on the day of the exhibition are provided with admission badges containing their identity information.
3. Handheld mobile terminals for verifying and collecting admission information
a. The smart terminals support 4G network, RFID, barcode scanning and other features.
4. The large screen at the entrance, which is used for displaying VIP visitors when they enter.
System Overview
1. The exhibition staff at the entrance will verify and collect the visitors’ identity information using smart handheld terminals.
2. When VIP visitors enter the venue, their identity information can be displayed on the big screen at the entrance to extend a warm welcome after verifying their admission badges using smart handheld terminals.
3. After a visitor’ admission badge is verified, the visitor’s entry and exit time will be recorded and transmitted to the background system in real time using the Wi-Fi network in the exhibition hall. When working with the visitor identity system, it can be used by the organizer to obtain the total number of visitors, the number of visitors at different time periods, and the visitor’s duration of the stay on the site.
4. The exhibitor’s employees can rent smart terminals from the organizer to automatically collect the identity information of the visitors coming to their booth. This will help them engage with the visitors efficiently and save a lot of troubles of manual information collection.
5. The exhibitor can make use of the customer information collected during the exhibition and the number of visitors at different time periods to evaluate their exhibition result and make analysis afterwards.
System Advantages
1. Using admission badges with built-in QR codes or RFID tags ensure that all ID numbers are unique and non-reproducible. Therefore, fake admission badges can be completely eliminated.
2. With barcodes or RFID tags, it is more convenient for the exhibitors to collect the visitor information using smart handheld terminals.
3. The organizer and the exhibitors can analyze the visitor information collected on site afterwards, to evaluate exhibition results and make improvements accordingly.


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