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Barcode Scanner

1.Power failure:
  • First check the host device whether it is properly powered; Secondly check the USB cable whether it connect properly.
2.Scan once, no light and no scanning:
  • Firstly, check if the device connection is stable (the blue colored light always on). Secondly, check if the USB COM barcode has been scanned mistakenly (no transmission). If scanned mistakenly, please power cycle and scan the USB Keyboard barcode.
3.Transmission failure:
  • S1 Connection check: Please make sure the connection between the scanner and the terminal is successful. If successfully, the power-on tone will be heard.
  • S2 Transmission check: Please scan the sample code below. If the sample code is transmitted, please go to S3. If the sample code is not transmitted but there is a decoding tone, go to S4. If the sample code is not transmitted and there is no decoding tone, please contact technical support.
  • S3 Barcode check: Please rescan the same type of barcode without defacement. If transmitted, it’s due to defacement. If not please contact technical supporter.
  • S4 Transfer software check: Please open the text file and serial port transmission tools. If there is output in one of these tools, please refer to the USB connection section in this manual for the configuration of what you need. If there is no output, please contact technical supporter.
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